Magic tricks with the HTML parser

Magic tricks with the HTML parser

Jake and NEW GUEST (for the next few episodes) Bramus chat about strange behaviors in the HTML parser. Should it be more strict? And, how you can get access to the streaming parser with JavaScript, to speed up your pages.

Simon Pieters book, "Idiosyncrasies of the HTML parser" →
The HTML parsing spec →
[p] is one of the many tags whose end tag can be omitted in certain situations →
Formatting elements that carry over if not closed →
The adoption agency algorithm →
A valid XHTML document →
An invalid XHTML document →
The CSS parsing spec →
Should severe HTML parsing issues be highlighted in DevTools? The DevTools teams says "no" →
Prettier discussion on self-closing tags →
Creating a detached HTML document →
Streaming a response with fetch() →
Creating a streaming HTML parser in JavaScript →

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